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Band was formed back in the late eighties by Mikael "klecken" and they released 2 demos one wich was recorded at the famous Sunlight studio in 1992 Stockholm producer (Thomas Skogsberg) Things looked very promising for the band.who did alot of shows in Sweden at that time.


But just when the band was taking off to the next level ,record deal and touring in Europe founder Mikael Klecken crashed mentally and the band split up.

20 years later Mikael Klecken and Peter S got together by coincidence

throught a mutual friend and started jamming old Condemned songs

they both had own bands and projects but felt the energy and started thinking hey maybe we should re record first demo as a fun project.

In less then a year the band not only recorded first demo, they are making new music with two new members Magnus and Rasmus and everything is going great.

After reforming the band changed name to Condemned-AD (After death) for pointing out a new start.


To be continued.....................




After more than 20 years the evil and the madness will rise again,

the band from the deep dark ages are coming alive.



All i can say for now is “4 white walls its nice to be back”





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